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The GreenLeach Filter (GLF) system was specifically designed as a soil absorption system to provide enhanced filtration of domestic sewage normally discharged from a septic tank or effluent treatment system. It can be constructed in naturally occurring soils or in select sand fill placed over natural soils. A primary benefit to GLF is the expanded infiltrative surface areas provided in a very small space thereby allowing construction of a smaller leaching system. The center core and leaching fingers are filled on the inside with ¾” stone and the external, filter fabric covered leaching fingers are backfilled with select sand fill. The fingers are spaced 4” apart to prevent biomat interference and maintain aerobic conditions between fingers. The product is placed in a 7’ wide excavation and is set on a base of sand fill 6” in depth. The filters are manufactured in three heights and each allows the selection of three invert elevations allowing the designer to select the exact height and leaching area size needed.

To facilitate installation, the GLF is constructed with a prefabricated cardboard chute used to provide product stability during installation and to direct the ¾” stone to the core and internal leaching fingers. The chute is removed after the stone has been placed to the proper height. Effluent distribution is achieved via standard 4” diameter perforated pipe and gravity flow or use of a pump and small diameter pressure distribution piping specifically designed by a licensed engineer to provide uniform distribution.

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