Download CAD drawings for information and specifications about our product.

GreenLeach (dwg) GreenLeach (PDF)
  GreenLeach3D (PDF)
  GreenLeachTop (PDF)
GreenLeach1262 (dwg) GreenLeach1262 (PDF)
GreenLeach1562 (dwg) GreenLeach1562 (PDF)
GreenLeach1862 (dwg) GreenLeach1862 (PDF)
GreenLeach2162 (dwg) GreenLeach2162 (PDF)
GreenLeach2462 (dwg) GreenLeach2462 (PDF)
GreenLeach2762 (dwg) GreenLeach2762 (PDF)
GreenLeach3062 (dwg) GreenLeach3062 (PDF)
GreenLeach3362 (dwg) GreenLeach3362 (PDF)
GreenLeach3662 (dwg) GreenLeach3662 (PDF)
GreenLeach1237 (dwg) GreenLeach1237 (PDF)
GreenLeach1537 (dwg) GreenLeach1537 (PDF)
GreenLeach1837 (dwg) GreenLeach1837 (PDF)
GreenLeach2137 (dwg) GreenLeach2137 (PDF)
GreenLeach2437 (dwg) GreenLeach2437 (PDF)
GreenLeach2737 (dwg) GreenLeach2737 (PDF)
GreenLeach3037 (dwg) GreenLeach3037 (PDF)
GreenLeach3337 (dwg) GreenLeach3337 (PDF)
GreenLeach3637 (dwg) GreenLeach3637 (PDF)
GreenLeach Top View (dwg) GreenLeach37 Top View (PDF)
GreenLeach Top View Filter Only (dwg) GreenLeach37 Top View Filter Only (PDF)

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