Waste Engineering, Inc., Limited Product Guarantee
Waste Engineering, Inc., (WEI) a company doing business at P.O. Box 1199, Redding Center, CT, 06875 does hereby guarantee that the GreenLeach Filter (GLF) leaching system installed under direct WEI supervision on your property will function without failure (overflow to the ground or backup in the structure) for a minimum of five (5) years after the date of installation provided the system was installed as a Code complying system and operated in accordance with the CT Public Health Code and associated Technical Standards for normal approved use and flow conditions. The septic tank must be pumped in the third year to keep the guarantee in effect.

In the event of a septic system problem, WEI will send technical staff to the site to work with your licensed installer and determine the probable cause of system malfunction. WEI requires cooperation from a licensed installer and the property owner and failure by the property owner to provide this assistance to WEI for the investigation is basis for revocation of this guarantee. The investigation will likely involve one or more of the following actions being taken:

  1. The licensed installer must work with WEI staff to uncover leaching system components, the septic tank inlet/outlet, D boxes, and the pump chamber manhole if applicable.
  2. The septic tank must be equipped with a functioning outlet filter.
  3. A sample of the sand fill material used adjacent to the filter may be collected and sent to the laboratory to be checked for comparison to the Technical Standards specifications for ?select fill? as defined in the Regulations.
  4. WEI staff may remove a small section of filter fabric between the stone and sand interface for testing by a laboratory.
  5. It may be necessary for the installer to assist WEI staff by providing percolation test holes in the natural soils adjacent to and/ or down slope of the leaching system to confirm original soil design perc rate.
  6. It may be necessary for the installer to assist by providing deep test pits in or adjacent to the leaching area to confirm proper topsoil removal, separation distances above groundwater and the presence of suitable soil strata on which the design was based.
  7. A MLSS calculation will be performed by WEI staff to confirm compliance with the regulations and approved plans.
  8. The property owner shall allow access to the interior of the structure including the basement for inspection by the installer and WEI staff to check for leaking fixtures or other abnormities that could affect the system function.
  9. Where no probable cause for system problem is identified, WEI may require installation, at the property owner?s expense, of a temporary water flow meter to determine if the flows being discharged are consistent with the operating Permit to Discharge.

Upon completion of the investigation, a report will be provided to the permitting health agency and the property owner detailing the findings and recommendations of WEI staff and the licensed installer. If the leaching system installation was found to fully comply with the CT Public Health Code and Technical Standards and continues to malfunction under normal flow conditions, WEI will refund to the property owner the full cost of product supplied including the cost of supervision labor and pay an additional $5,000.00 toward a replacement leaching system. Said payments will be made to the property owner after confirmed removal of the GLF system from the ground and the issuance of a Permit to Discharge for a replacement leaching system approved by the permitting health agency and installed on the same property.

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